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Immagine di  Codex: Drukhari (inglese)

Codex: Drukhari (inglese)

The drukhari are a decadent race of alien tormentors and raiders. Once part of a galaxy-spanning empire, the drukhari now indulge in every macabre passion their supreme intelligence can conceive. They consider themselves superior to the galaxy’s other races, and suffer a gnawing sickness of the soul which only the suffering of others can fill. The ranks of the drukhari are filled with fleet and agile warriors, each armed with weaponry designed to inflict maximum pain, and through their innate poise they raise their torturous form of war into a gruesome artform. get ready to launch raids with superior anti-grav vehicles, hideous vat-grown cyborgs, and coteries of venom-shooting killers. Whether you prefer the gang-like cartels of kabalite warriors, the gladiatorial wyches from the arenas or [Leggi Di Più...]

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Codex: Drukhari (inglese) [9781839061899]
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