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Immagine di  Codex: Orks (inglese)

Codex: Orks (inglese)

There are many horrific alien threats to be found among the stars, and the orks are some of the very greatest among them. Born for battle and possessed of an all-encompassing love for war, the average ork is a heavily muscled killing machine able to withstand tremendous punishment and heal from all but the most grievous injuries. When they collect in colossal migratory invasions called waaagh!s, the orks stampede across whole sectors leaving a trail of destruction in their wake, wrought by ramshackle vehicles, cobbled-together weaponry, and sheer, primal savagery. this 136-page book contains a treasure trove of background information covering prominent ork conflicts from the past and present, accompanied by stunning artwork and galleries of painted miniatures. Codex: orks grants you a detailed [Leggi Di Più...]

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